I have always loved the secret world of nature and the quantum realm. King ProteaThis lead me to studying Quantum Touch healing and becoming a qualified practitioner. This journey taught me a great deal about energy, balance and harmony. Nowhere was this more apparent to me than in nature and the animal kingdom.

Everything is made up of microscopic packets of protons, electrons and neutrons – this is “energy” in common terms. Energy vibrates and causes a reaction to energy in its vicinity. All energy entrains (matches) similar material vibrations. Grandfather clocks will sync with each other, frogs croaking will match each other’s song, and if I pick a G note on a guitar, the G string on another guitar will vibrate.

Everything in nature responds to energetic vibrations.


Animals respond in a similar way; they are masters at reading energy. As one can see in nature, from bees to elephants, there is social ranking. It takes a particular type of vibration to be a leader. A balanced and calm, yet assured energy is what attracts animals to a leader. A unbalanced and erratic energy will not be tolerated and be eliminated from the pack as it’s a threat to the survival of the species. Nature gravitates towards harmony. Some dogs do not “like” some people and that’s because of the energy we exude. Dogs don’t care about your name, race or job title, they “read’ who you are energetically. A dominant dog will not run into a pack of dogs and jump up and down excitedly and greet everyone bouncing around, nor would it rush up and attack other dogs – the same goes for non-domesticated animals.

A dominant dog will walk through the pack ignoring all the dogs and proceed to mark territory. ElephantThe pack reads the dominant dog, not by its breed or name, but by the energy it exudes. Calm, controlled and balanced, yet subtly strong. Your dog is looking to you for leadership and understands you through the energy you give off. This establishes the rank and boundaries that a pack animal needs as much as a hippo needs water. A dog that doesn’t know its rank will fluctuate between dominant and submissive with very mixed and sometimes disastrous results. This is where the real relationship between human and dog can deepen as you teach each other how to be more balanced.

Your most important training tool is your energy.

Your dog will be always reading your energy and entraining to it. So, it is paramount that you set your energy to the desired vibration of cool, calm and collected. You can checking in on your vibration by paying attention to how your body is feeling, and noticing any anxiety or nervousness. Animals don’t like that energy and will either try to overcome that vibration or take on the same anxious, nervous energy.

Chaos & Balance

By setting your energy, you are going a long way in setting a healthy relationship with your dog and in turn you will be opening yourself up to a new way to live. We are constantly bombarded with energy from traffic, shopping malls, television, smartphones and cities. Do you ever wonder why shopping is so tiring? We are entrained by the hundreds of energies in the shopping mall or grocery store – music, bright lights, loud noise, stress, people rushing around; this is all energy and if we aren’t grounded we go on a roller coaster of energetic vibrations.

Can you imagine how a dog picks up on these energies, with its heightened sensitivity? We may feel tired or depleted, or a mix of emotions. We now have tools to set our energy and be unaffected by the chaos going on around us, with the simple technique of being aware of how you “feel” and then choosing how to be, intentionally. Feeling is vibration, vibration is energy. So to sum it up, we need to exhibit the energetic vibration of a leader for our dogs – this will enhance the relationship and set the tone (vibration) for the rest of the relationship. This is but a start on being the pack leader, but it is an extremely important part. A strong leader is not a bully or over-excited. A leader’s vibration is calm and collected, and when you need to set boundaries you do it in a firm, but fair way.

Canine Energetics is dedicated to building healthy, balanced relationships between dogs and their guardians, based on deep trust, respect and love. This relationship is a two-way street; as we teach our dogs they will teach us much about living life with more awareness and presence.

“The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn’t been fully recognized.  They keep millions of people sane.”  Eckhart Tolle

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