• Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

    Rattlesnake Avoidance Class coming soon!

    Rattlesnake season is here and we can help you and your dog prepare with our specialized Rattlesnake Avoidance Course. We work with qualified snake handlers to provide an effective program which will train your dog to detect and avoid rattlesnakes. We will offer spring and summer sessions in the Ukiah area. The class is 30 […]

  • Pack Walk Excursion with Canine Energetics

    When a walk around the block isn’t enough

    Life is busy and we don’t always have time to give our canine companions the exercise and socialization that they need. Our daily pack walks allow your four-legged friend to run free, swim and socialize with other dogs in nature. We promise, they will sleep very well afterward.

  • Behavioral training with Canine Energetics

    Every dog is different. So is our training.

    Many common social and behavioral problems such as barking, separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, and leash pulling can be addressed by helping dogs and their owners find balance and understanding. We offer personalized hands-on Behavioral Rehabilitation Training to help you and your dog “re-boot” your relationship.

  • The Canine Energetics dog mobile

    Door-to-door Dog Mobile

    We provide door-to-door taxi service for your dog in our snazzy van. Pick-up and drop-off service is available in the Ukiah area for our daily pack walk excursions.

  • Follow the leader

    Meet our pack leader

    Sean Dewil loves the animal kingdom, from the wilds of Africa to beloved home companions. Learn more about Sean and his journey working with humans and animals.

  • Daily Pack Walks with Canine Energetics

    Join the Pack!

    We offer year-round pack walks to provide safe off-leash excursions in nature. We pick your dog up at your home or workplace and let them run free outside with the pack! Service available every Monday – Friday. Special rates available for monthly packages.

  • Sean at the Russian River

    Quantum Touch Healing

    Sean is a certified Quantum Touch practitioner. This holistic hands-on healing technique can assist dogs with a variety of physical and mental conditions. Visit the Quantum Touch page for more info.

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Welcome to Canine Energetics

Canine Energetics offers daily pack walks with pick-up and drop-off service in the Ukiah area, allowing your canine companions to run free in nature and socialize with other dogs.

We provide the only Rattlesnake Avoidance Training in Mendocino County, giving dogs the tools to recognize and avoid dangerous snake encounters.

We also design personalized training programs to assist with a variety of behavioral problems.

Every dog is different, and we work with dogs of all breeds, personalities, and sizes!

Adopt Responsibly

A recent article in the Ukiah Daily Journal reports on a dog incident involving a newly adopted dog. Apparently it wasn’t a pit bull – so let’s explore that first. It is also law for dogs to be tethered if they are in the back of an open vehicle. It’s not fair to pass blame […]


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