Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch: Alternative Healing Technique

Sean Dewil is a certified Quantum Touch (QT) practitioner. Upon moving to Mendocino County, he was invited by Dr. Katy Sommers to practice Quantum Touch as part of the Mendocino Animal Hospital Holistic Health Services. He now continues this practice through Canine Energetics.

qt2 seanQuantum Touch is a non-invasive light touch healing technique developed by Richard Gordon, based on energetic healing methods that have been around in many different forms for thousands of years. Sean has worked for many years as a Game Ranger in Africa and is now incorporating his love for and understanding of animals and nature with this healing technique. Quantum Touch works as effectively with animals and plants as it does with humans. Cases that have benefited from this technique at Mendocino Animal Hospital include painful conditions such as parvovirus infections or pancreatitis, as well as musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, arthritis or injuries.

Quantum Touch can be used as a complementary therapy along with traditional or alternative treatments to enhance and accelerate healing, or it may be used as a stand alone holistic option. It is especially well accepted by the animal patients, with most patients visibly relaxed by the technique.

In traditional medicine, the caregiver-animal relationship is often overlooked, however in the holistic approach, this important human-animal bond is recognized for its tremendous impact on the health of the animal and the family. QT can greatly assist with the process of physical and emotional healing and general well-being by understanding and honoring this fundamental connection.

For more information on Quantum Touch as a healing modality, visit www.quantumtouch.com.

Sean offers a Quantum Touch Healing Module for dogs which includes five treatments. Please visit our Rates page for details.

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