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Our approach is to train you and help rehabilitate your dogs. We have a a variety of programs to address many different social and behavioral issues. We treat each dog individually to to determine the appropriate strategy. We don’t do show-dog style training or teach your dogs tricks. In our Behavioral Rehabilitation Program, we start with the basics and work from the foundation upward, dealing with specific issues that we are facing – from aggression and excessive barking to other unwanted behavior. Taking into consideration genetics, medical history, temperament and drive, we work according to the dogs temperament. Each dog is different, thus each case will be handled differently. The breed of the dog plays a role although its mainly used as a genetic expression display for us to understand a clearer picture of the dog we are working with.

It is paramount for guardians to be on board 100% and be willing to adapt to the changes needed for a successful rehabilitation.

We do the foundation and follow-up work, however the dogs will be with you for the rest of their lives so it’s you who needs to maintain the momentum we have set forth and maintain continuity. If you or your family is on the fence about change, then we honestly would rather not waste your time and money. Police dogs are often trained in Germany and shipped to the states and handed over to the officer with the required education on how to keep the continuity going. The dog doesn’t know it’s now in another country, it just follows the commands accordingly.

We are all human, and I make the biggest mistakes with my own dogs because I am too close to them. I need an educated outside perspective to show me the subtle handler errors that I am making. It’s a process and we will never get it perfect, but we can go a long way to creating a harmonious balance with our dogs. Remember, we are working with the animal kingdom and we can only do our best to enter their world and try communicate with them. Be wary of any trainer that says they know it all! Use what works for your dog and for you. Take approaches from many different types of trainers and keep what you think works and throw away what doesn’t. But, remember that your ability to change requires breaking old patterns and ways, which takes a lot from you.

We use a range of training tools. The best one in my opinion is yourself – your energy (we can go into that in detail in the program). The tools we use range from verbal, touch, eye contact, stern touch (alpha rolls), pinch collars (these used correctly mimic the mother’s bite), spray water bottles, remote training collars, muzzles and rewards (tugs, treats, etc). Remote training collars have come a long way in 20 years and are, in my opinion, one of the better tools out there. They are not designed to harm the dog, yet with the correct use can administer the right level of correction for the right dog. Many of the tools I’ve mentioned (from collars to treats) have been grossly misused and many people misunderstand their utility. They need to be used at the right time and the right way!

We look forward to working with you and your dog to help you build a balanced and healthy relationship.

Please contact us for a consultation to discuss which services may be most appropriate for you and your dog.

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